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Release 19.4 & 19.5 news

Category: Bulletin

Hello everyone,

This past month has been rough. There were times where the website would go down completely for no apparent reason. I tired different approaches to fixing this issue, but none really worked.

I had to take down the website down for a few days during which I roamed through the code and fixed small things here and there. This is where I released version 19.5 beta, because I was unsure of the final result.

So far, so good. Everything is pretty much stable now. User Activity and the notification system were moved to the websockets layer (decreases the load furthermore on the server).

I also took the liberty to add a popup notification to the current notification system. If we're to build this kind of system, might as well make it big!
Release 19.4 is still something on progress (I had to postpone 19.4 and release 19.5 beta right away to fix the crashes).

Release 19.4 basically is the Memory Card game I created on the website using the Websockets layer (for multiplayer play). So far, we're still missing: disconnection tracker and a way to resume a game, a better interface for the game lobbies and a way to track down the score.

Once this is all sorted out, I'll make an announcement regarding the official release of version 19.4 features.

Release 19.5 beta

Category: Release

Release 19.5 beta is live.

List of things that sometimes caused random minor errors which have been fixed
  • User Activity Tracker
  • Notification System (every notification reset)
  • Page Title (for some pages)
  • Page Loading Count (improved method)
Hopefully, this will be enough to fix the random crash issue.
Well invested 7 hours if it works out.

This version is still in beta, so if you encounter any issue, post them here, on my Twitter, my Steam Profile page or the guide page on Steam.

Sorry for the inconvenience those crashes (and the website takedown) brought on you.

Nov 24th update

Category: Bulletin

Hello everyone (and Happy Thanksgiving to Americans).

A lot happened in the past month regarding the website.
I started working on a minigame (memory match card) and it is almost finished.
As of now, it is a multiplayer game, but I plan to add a solo mode and a score system.
The game is still on beta phase, and I'll make a public announcement when everything is ready.

Regarding the regular updates, everything slowed down as I worked my way into changing my main hard drive. Everything went badly when I tried reinstalling everything. Even today, I'm still trying to figure out what's missing and making sure everything works as intended.

I also upgraded my dev environment, but still haven't tested the impacts on the website yet. I still need to upgrade my database engine (on my local server) to match up the new version.

What to expect next:

  • User profile page revamp
  • Memory card game
  • Boss page

Go follow this Steam Thread and toss in your ideas for attack names.

Release 19.3 - Halloween DLC data

Category: Release

The planned todo list for Release 19.3 has been pushed over to the future Release 19.4 (User profile page revamp)

Halloween DLC data added
In addition to the new data, the Achievement grid has been revamped (here). (Previous grid still available here)
It was becoming harder and harder to fit in new achievements with fixed layout, so I adopted a dynamic approach.
You'll be able to filter achievements by categories or by completion status (granted you selected a user from the droplist).

I'll be looking for feedback, good and bad, regarding this new grid compared to the previous one.
Leave them in the comments of this post.

Thank you icon

Release 19.2 - Adaptative Design

Category: Release

Release 19.2 brought in some minor fixes to the previous 19.1.
  • Fixed data count and height for the new "What's new" module.
  • Website now features basic adaptative design (Note "basic"). Resize the page to see the changes.
  • Comments now trigger notifications as intended.

Delayed issues
  • Media elements not showing when viewing an item on the map
  • Unusual load time when openening the link selector

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