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Updates and WIP ~ Release 19.6

Updates and WIP ~ Release 19.6

Category: Bulletin

As the holiday season approaches, I'll tend to be even more distant from working on the website.
Before I get hit hard with those 110+ hours of work / week, I'll try to get some job done over here as quickly as possible.
  • Dynamic "What's new?" section (updates live)
  • Raw frame of a Message Board
  • Waypoint creator (for the maps)
  • A little more work done on the new-to-come User Page (still postponing...)
I'm always eager to see how things turn out when I release new stuff, and I surely can't wait to get some work done on the map waypoints.

Speaking of which... The Memory Card Game page has been officially opened.
Be sure to give it a try whenever you feel like it icon
Known issues
  • Lobby information too 'textual'
  • No way of going back to a disconnected / abandoned game
  • No score tracking (for now)

Added the following 4 new achievements
icon Happy Holidays! icon


Current known issues
  • Everything related to the User Tracker (online users, notifications, popup, etc...) stops working after the App Pool is recycled (IIS stuff...). Happens whenever the website becomes inactive (no active page loading) for a few minutes.
  • When writing an entry, you should get a weird result when attempting to Preview it.

What's new?