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Release 15.1

Release 15.1

Category: Release


  • The news page has been created (here). You can now see everything related to the website there.
  • The index page now shows the full version of the pinned news.
  • Reorganized the side menus so it will be easier to add new stuff. Submenus were added for more specific access to ressources.
  • Aligned the header
  • Room Highlighting now possible (Makes navigation between Items, Badges, Rooms, Maps, etc easier).
  • Changed room tooltip for ports. Hovering over a map gateway will tell you where it leeds, and clicking it will bring you to the destination map and highlight the destination room.
  • Added 2 new fonts (The title of the page has one of them)
  • Reorganized the map list page
  • Cleared Achievements now show up using a lighter opacity and big Green X
  • You are able to see anyone's overall cleared achievement (grid). Just select their name from the list. Note that a specific user won't show in the list if he doesn't have any achievement cleared OR if he turns 'Show Public Achievements' off
  • Data entries can now be written by any users (then will need an approval from an admin)
  • Entries now show who made them
  • Updated the Item Detail page (example: Piko Hammer) so that it now links to useful information, such as:
    • Place where to find it.
    • Link to the Map page or the specific Room page (with highlighting).
    • Specifies if there are any other Items needed to acquire it (with links)
    • Specifies if this Item is needed to acquire other Items (with links to Map page or Room page, with highlight)
  • Added the map list above the Map detail page for easier navigation


  • Changed some of the profile displays (for easier access to specific profile pages)
  • Added the news structure
  • Added some configurations directly in the database
  • Added structure for room connections (for future release)
  • Added Auto Achievement synchronization

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