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Bug Reports Week 33 of 2017

Bug Reports Week 33 of 2017

Category: Bugs

Bug Overview

Minigame bugs

  • An exploit in Miru's Memory Cards that can be achieved by clicking Start! multiple times when creating a game. This results in creating multiple servers. Whenever you cancel the creation of one server, you will be placed by yourself in the server with a total of four identical profiles.
  • The same exploit duplicates the memory cards and profiles based on how many servers created.
  • Quickly pressing memory cards, you can choose three cards, resulting in the third card not flipping back when shown.
  • Quickly pressing memory cards, if three cards are flipped while two being a pair, the other card will flip and will not show itself anymore by pressing it.
  • It can also happen the card won't be interactable at all.
  • These bugs can also occour in Multiplayer, making one of the two players unable to click the card while the other still can.
  • Number of duplicated servers are also shown in the Miru's Memory Card notificator.
  • Upon leaving the server of your copy profiles, you will still gain a 'Lose' point.

Site bugs

  • Some links will still redirect the user to their own profile instead to the domain owner. These links contain #com[Numbers] at the end.

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