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Steam Global Achievement progress

9.60 %


Category: Task

Hidden on steam: No

Cleared: NO

Achievement Description

Defeat Seana without the Water Orb.

Other achievements in Category [ Task ]
Massive damage!
Get 10,000 points of score in sandbag mini game.
Don't give up!
This is not a game if you can't lose!
Those are enemies too!
Defeated a table and a chair.
Were those instant kill?
Finished the whole game without touching a spike.
Now you've seen everything.
100% map completion!
Senpai Noticed
Defeat Saya as Rita.
Did you forget something?
Finished the main game without helping Ribbon's friends.
Because this game is non-linear...
Found Lilith before anyone else!
Combo Grinder
Reach 999 combo during a boss battle.
Don't tell Cocoa!
Holding 99999en!
Wait, this is not the correct order!
Defeat Ribbon before meeting Cocoa
Running away from home?
"She found a lot of people, but never came home..."
Told you!
You were warned, but you still fell into the pit.
Full Warp Freedom!
Unlock all Warp Stone locations!
Not the Limit!
Reach 999 Max. HP!
That was too close...
Defeat a boss with 1HP left (Hell or above).
Bunny Captured!
Game over when there are UPRPRC members beside Erina.
Talking to everyone is unnecessary!
It's not like they provide any useful information.
Strike into the CreSpirit secret base!
Defeat the director of Rabi-Ribi!
Why is there a bunny out here?
Game over when you're in the real world.
You just broke the game!
"Sequence Breaking" to the extreme. What's going to happen? Not even the developer knows!
Buff & Debuff Master
View the fully filled Buff & Debuff page!
Sold Out
Make Miriam fail to find items 10 times.
Senpai's Super Combo Attack!
Use Rita's secret attack!
Fixed Attack Pattern
Let Miru use all her attacks twice (Hell or above)
Make it harder!
Increase the difficulty in Chapter 1.
Here is your "achievement"
Casual mode is easy enough!
You found the entrance to the Artbook
Entered, or attempted to enter Artbook Mode.
The missions that never happened.
Finish all 6 beta missions (with DLC) -or- achieves a save with 40 hours T.Runtime (without DLC).
Reach a boss in "that" difficulty (with DLC) -or- achieves a save with 60 hours T.Runtime (without DLC).
Map Explorer
Connect 777 rooms together on the map!
Our idol has something to say...
Get Seana to speak in one of the Stone Stele Events.
If you don't get the white one first...
Taste the White Crystal's desperation attack.
Gotta notice Saya fast!
Recruit Saya as the first town member without meeting the time waster Ashuri again.
<●> ω <●>
<●> ω <●>
Happy Halloween!
Cleared the Halloween Event! And Erina got a new costume to wear?
Bunnies' and Fairies' Super Team Attack!
All bunnies and fairies attacking at the same time!
A good bunny should learn to wear other clothes.
Change Erina's clothes at home.
Travel with Erina.
View all Erina's extra dialogs.
Time paradox
When three Erinas meet together.
Bunny hop
No Description
Thanks for voting!
Place 5 votes in Rabi Rabi Island Voting Contest. (Beta ver1.80 only for now)
7777 HITS!
No description
No description
Happy New Year!
Cocoa Special 2019
Super Bunny Jump!
Achieve a very good score in long jump minigame.
Marvelous Finish A
Deal a huge single hit during one of the boss battle!
Marvelous Finish B
Deal a huge single hit during one of the boss battle!
Two cats...?
Obtain CG 16 and 17
Full Halloween Party
Finish "Cicini's Halloween" with both wearing Halloween costumes in Incredibly Intense!
To the Extreme Challenge!
The achievement icon is the hint.
Snow melting party!
Reach 9999/9999 during Special Rita Battle.
Wait for the backdoor...
Defeat Special Syaro with no extra magic type equipped (except Rainbow).
Sorry, but time's up!
Let Special Miru use her Cut-in attack again.
Super quick charge Ribbon activated! Also extra donut.
Achieve S Rank or above in SP Irisu, SP Rita, SP Syaro and SP Miru.

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