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Effect List

Speed Down
Speed lowered by 20%.
All movement ceases intermittently.
Lose HP over time.
Attack Down
Attack lowered by 25%.
Defense Down
Defense lowered by 25%.
Take 50% of damage given.
Enemies with "Cursed" take 2% damage of their Max. HP,
with a maximum damage of 666 points.
All movement ceases.
Ban Skill
Can't perform physical, non-magic attacks.
Mana Down
Lose MP over time.
When attacking, lose 3% HP every second.
Lose 15% HP every 2 seconds.
Enemies with "Burn" lose 2-3 HP every 0.05 seconds.
Attack Up
Attack raised by 25%.
Defense Up
Damage taken reduced by 25%.
HP Recover
Recover 1-3 HP every 0.25 seconds.
The lower the health, the faster the recovery.
SP Recover
Improve SP recovery rate.
Speed increased by 30%, attack lowered by 15%,
and damage taken increased by 30%.
Something else happens too.
Speed decreased by 50%, attack raised by 50%,
and damage taken reduced by 50%.
Something else happens too.
A chance to slow down opponents by 20% when attacking.
Speed Up
Speed increased by 25%.
Halo Buff
Damage taken reduced by 10% after three "Game Over".
Status removed after "Halo Boost" expires.
Does not apply above Normal difficulty.
Badge Copy
Opponent's badge perks are replicated.
Null Melee
No damage taken from physical attacks.
Damage taken from carrot bomb increased by 62.5%.
Defense Boost
Damage taken reduced by 10-50%.
5%-25% in Boss Rush mode.
Defense Drop
Damage taken increased by 100%-300%.
Stamina Down
SP consumption increased by 325%.
Null Slow
Cannot be slowed down.
Super Armour
No stun effect after being damaged.
Quad Damage
Attack raised by 400%.
Double Damage
Attack raised by 200%.
Movement speed increased by 20%.
MaxHP Up
Max. HP increased proportional to characters unlocked.
Enemies with this status have a 10% Max. HP increase.
MaxMP Up
Max. MP increased proportional to characters unlocked.
Enemies with this status have greater attack frequency.
Amulet Cut
Amulet consumption lowered by 25%.
HP Regen
Recover 2 HP every 1.5 seconds.
Enemies with this status recover 2% of Max. HP.
MP Regen
Recover 2 MP every second.
Give ATK Down
A chance to give opponents "Attack Down" when attacking.
Give DEF Down
A chance to give opponents "Defense Down" when attacking.
Speed changes randomly.
Boost Fail
Lose BP over time.
Hex Cancel
No damage taken from every 6th attack.
Lucky Seven
Every 7th successful attack inflicts 77% more damage.
Quick Reflex
Lowers stun time by 75%.
Defense Boost2
Damage taken reduced by 50-100%.
25%-50% in Boss Rush.
Immune to all attacks, but lose HP over time.
Speed and jump height lowered by 20%.
Halo Boost Lv.1
Damage taken -15%. Amulet recharges 33% faster.
Recover 1 HP for every three successful attacks.
Gained after 3-4 "Game Over". No buff above "Normal".
Halo Boost Lv.2
Damage taken -27.5%. Amulet recharges 67% faster.
Recover 1 HP for every two successful attacks.
Gained after 5-6 "Game Over". No buff above "Normal".
Halo Boost Lv.3
Damage taken -40%. Amulet recharges 100% faster.
Recover 1 HP for every successful attack.
Gained after 7+ "Game Over". No buff above "Normal".
99 Reflect
100% of damage taken reflected back to opponent.
Only applicable for attacks above 99 points.
Opponent's health will not fall below 1 HP.
Survival Instinct
HP cannot fall below 1.
Amulet Drain
Lose amulet charge over time.
Lose all invulnerability when performing any moves.
No Badges
Lose effects from equipped badges.
Instant Death
All attacks cause 4444 points of damage.
Health Absorb
Absorb HP equal to 2 times the damage given.
Power Absorb
Inflict a 100% SP, 33% MP, and 25% BP reduction in the opponent.
300 Revenge
"Instant death" status dealt to opponent.
Triggered when damage taken from one attack >300 points.
Bunny Lover
Damage taken reduced by 50% when the opponent is a bunny.
Recover HP over time.
T Minus Two
Gain "T Minus One" status after a successful attack.
T Minus One
Gain "Attack Boost" status after a successful consecutive attack.
Attack Boost
Bullet hell density increased.
Meow Respawn
Revive allies after a certain time period.
Zero Offense
Attack reduced by 100%.
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