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Ashuri - Magic Obsessed Maiden

Ashuri is a magic user obsessed with research. Upon meeting Erina for the first time, all she wants to do is study her.

Although she likes teasing Ribbon a lot, she is very dependable. She's also one of Rumi's close friends.

When Ashuri and Erina met a second time, the sky bunny phenomenon happened. She was silly enough to think that it would not affect her as "there were no bunnies around".

. . . . . .

During the "beach crisis", Ashuri seeks out Erina for help with finding the 'Rainbow Crystal', a source of nearly inifite mana. Since Ashuri is busy with the others are the beach, she cannot go look for it herself. Erina has to race against Kotri and Pandora who were also looking for it.

. . . . . .

She maintains Rabi Rabi Island's barrier with Rita and Pandora, although they have forgotten why they do it.

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