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Miriam - Peaceful Shopkeeper

Miriam is the shopkeeper of Rabi Rabi Town and one of the most mature characters on the island.

Friends with Rumi, she initially offers to let Erina have any items she wants for free because her business is doing well. Although, Erina refuses to receive anything for free because she wants to live like everyone else.

She sells the donuts and cakes that Rumi makes along with many other mysterious items.

She asks Cocoa watch over the shop when she has to go out.

. . . . . .

Miriam was the bait used by Noah to attract Erina to the Hall of Memory. Being reduced to pure mana energy, she possesses Miriam to be able to interact with the world. After Noah's disappearance, remnants of her mana are left inside Miriam, making her hostile.

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