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Pandora - Princess of the Ancient

Pandora is the protector of the Pyramids and has been around for hundreds of years.

Due to recent events and the disturbance in the undergrounds, her pyramid rose up to the sruface after being buried down for hundreds of years. She gets angry when it becomes filled with tourists roaming all around the place.

Demands to be called Princess Pandora even though she is not actually a princess. She thinks Erina is Rumi's slave because she cannot tell the difference between a pet and a slave.

Once she gets to Rabi Rabi Town, she quickly becomes friends with Kotri. She even asks Kotri to teach her dancing so she could feel a little more like a princess.

. . . . . .

Since she has been around so long, she knows about the secrets of Rabi Rabi Island and the connection between Erina and Noah. She cannot seem to be able to remember anything somehow.

. . . . . .

Pandora maintains Rabi Rabi Island's barrier along with Ashuri and Rita although they have forgotten why they do it.

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