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Background update

Category: Bulletin

Hello everyone icon

This is just a small message to keep you guys informed.

As I've been busy a lot lately, updates on the website slowed down a bit. You've probably noticed it from the past 3 releases which didn't bring up big features, like the previous releases. Since the website data is in an 'okay' state for now, I moved on to increasing its visibility. According to a few website analyzer tools and Google Seach Analytics, I need to step up my game and fix some issues.

Just letting you guys know that I'm still on it, on a slower pace, and working in the background.

Expect BIG when I get back to work full time on the next module (boss attack patterns icon)

Release 17.2 Sneakpeak #2

Category: Bulletin

Here's another preview of what's coming with the new release.

Following some feedbacks I received, I went ahead and added BBCode links to specific regions (Starting Forest, Forgotten Cave, Spectral Cave, etc). Spent a nice 2 hours working on some thumbnails for those (because I didn't have any).

Also, following these new codes is a new feature added to the maps. Selecting to view a region on the map will put some emphasis on it (darkening the unconcerned areas).

Following this idea, I wanted to add options to toggle region visibility (and items too!) with simple controls (which wouldn't require a full reload of the page). This is a work in progress for Release 17.3. I already started a bit by remastering the Item categories completely.

The character page is nearly filled up as well! Thanks to Aerate´╗┐, I should now have enough material to finish it up. This should be done inbetween Release 17.2 (coming very soon) and the next Release.

Thank you again for your understanding.
The website is still in construction afterall.

Release 17.2 Sneakpeak

Category: Bulletin

Release 17.2 is underway.

  • New BBCode available (see attached image) for easier access to website data.
  • Users will be able to upload images directly on the website (without using a 3rd party)
  • ´╗┐Doing so will generate small thumbnails for faster loading time
  • Some fixes here and there (will list them on the release day)

Update Delayed

Category: Bulletin

The release of the version 17.1 will be sligthly delayed.

I tried finishing the new version up before leaving for AX, but couldn't.

I'll make sure to meet CreSpirit there and collect some juicy information for you guys.

Here's the Twitter post about the current update so far.

I cannot wait to get this version up and running.

Just a little update on what's going on...

Category: Bulletin

Just a little update to keep you guys informed.

While I do work on this website on my spare time, I currently am the one working on one of the new languages that are coming up. And deadlines need to be met (duh).

Considering this little time restriction issue, I will begin working full time on the localization of the game. It'll last until it is officially released. And as such, the website updating will be put on hold for a little while. Since there is no official release date for the new version, I cannot really tell how long this is gonna take. But don't expect it to take too long.

On a slight update for the upcoming website content.

  • User Profile levels based on achievements done
  • Badges earned based on specific achievement groups done
  • Remaster of the User Profile page, so that it looks more 'inviting'
  • The remaster will include a way to see every past post/entry for a specific user
  • Started working on the Room connection code a bit. I already entered the data for the Starting Forest when everything's gonna be ready to go in test.
  • Clear instructions on how to add data to the website as a normal user. For those who want to contribute to the website

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