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Nov 24th update

Nov 24th update

Category: Bulletin

Hello everyone (and Happy Thanksgiving to Americans).

A lot happened in the past month regarding the website.
I started working on a minigame (memory match card) and it is almost finished.
As of now, it is a multiplayer game, but I plan to add a solo mode and a score system.
The game is still on beta phase, and I'll make a public announcement when everything is ready.

Regarding the regular updates, everything slowed down as I worked my way into changing my main hard drive. Everything went badly when I tried reinstalling everything. Even today, I'm still trying to figure out what's missing and making sure everything works as intended.

I also upgraded my dev environment, but still haven't tested the impacts on the website yet. I still need to upgrade my database engine (on my local server) to match up the new version.

What to expect next:

  • User profile page revamp
  • Memory card game
  • Boss page

Go follow this Steam Thread and toss in your ideas for attack names.

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