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Release 14.3

Category: Release


  • Changed the layout of the Edit Profile page a bit
  • Users are now able to send a request to sync their achievements (if their key is valid)
  • Added connection info in the header (on the left of 'My Profile' button)
  • Comments now show a typical forum-like section for user information: name, number of comments, joined date AND the current achievement progress (only works if achievements were synced and achivements done > 0)
  • Added the Avatar picture to the user information
  • Added some explanations on how to use the Steam Sync service on the Edit Profile page
  • Fixed an issue where synchronizing achievements would not update the achievement grid


  • Changed the code behind the Steam queries. It is now all centered at the same place for easier management
  • Added a field to the Data Entry table to track down who added the information
  • Added several fields to the UserProfile table (generic informations)

Release 14.1

Category: Release

  • Added the base structure for Item Requirement
    We can now add which Items is required to something in a specific room.
    Go to the Map page and click on a room to view the list (information still needs to be added by someone)
  • Every room page now features a Minimap!
    You will now be able to see adjacent rooms when viewing a particular room's information (See example)

Ver 1.40 Rumi's Housekeeping Update Edition

Category: Game Update

  • 6 new achievements*
    *Made new achievements from events encountered by the fewest players based on metadata collected in the leaderboards.
  • Map system updated: Connections between different rooms are now displayed and discoverable.
  • Buff & Debuff details are now hidden if the player is at the edge of the screen.
  • Boss' Health Bars now show the exact HP value when in low health.
  • Added a warning if Steam Overlay is not enabled when selecting "COMIC" or "LEADERBOARD".
  • Defeating the Post-game Boss also resets the "Rita?", "Pandora?", "Rainbow Crystal" and "Holo-Defense System" Bosses.
  • Fixed game crashing if the player has 31 Regen Ups.
  • Fixed Chapter 6 Cocoa Path Bug.
  • Added Comic Volume 3A

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