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Bug Reports Week 33 of 2017

Category: Bugs

Bug Overview

Minigame bugs

  • An exploit in Miru's Memory Cards that can be achieved by clicking Start! multiple times when creating a game. This results in creating multiple servers. Whenever you cancel the creation of one server, you will be placed by yourself in the server with a total of four identical profiles.
  • The same exploit duplicates the memory cards and profiles based on how many servers created.
  • Quickly pressing memory cards, you can choose three cards, resulting in the third card not flipping back when shown.
  • Quickly pressing memory cards, if three cards are flipped while two being a pair, the other card will flip and will not show itself anymore by pressing it.
  • It can also happen the card won't be interactable at all.
  • These bugs can also occour in Multiplayer, making one of the two players unable to click the card while the other still can.
  • Number of duplicated servers are also shown in the Miru's Memory Card notificator.
  • Upon leaving the server of your copy profiles, you will still gain a 'Lose' point.

Site bugs

  • Some links will still redirect the user to their own profile instead to the domain owner. These links contain #com[Numbers] at the end.

Release 19.10

Category: Release

Release 19.10 overview

Fixes pushed to previous updates
  • Update entry module to better support deleted entries
  • Changed Follow module structure which fixed Profile follow button
  • While updating Follow module, fixed activity feed linking to invalid pages
Features added
  • Password recovery (reset)
  • Memory Card Game (now named Miru's Memory Cards icon)
A new version of the websocket module I'm using for the card game was updated recently and I had to rewrite a part of the Memory Card Game code in order to make it work again. While doing so, I managed to polish everything up some more, and even add some bonus features!
  • Made lobby more interactive: notify when user create games, enters lobby, leave game, etc...
  • Graphical lobby list
  • Fixed ghost lobbies being in the list indefinitely
  • Web server independent "Create game" window
  • Themes are now chosen along with a difficulty setting (the number of cards mostly)
  • "Create Game" window updated to reflect the new changes
  • Added picture frame to cards
  • Added feature: A button will appear in the header when someone is waiting for an opponent, so anyone who's on the site can join them
  • Added feature: stats tracking
    • Time record for solo mode
    • Win / Lost / Draw count when playing against someone else (penalty for leaving game early)
As always, looking forward to your feedback on this update!

Update fix 19.9.5

Category: Release

Just wanted to let you all know that, now that my work contract has expired (after 7 months), I can finally go back to rabidb full time!
Well... not entirely full time. Those following my work might know what I'm referring to.

This is a quick update on the current quick release (19.9.5)
  • Updated Entry module to better support deleted entries
  • Removed Entry deletion based on time. It was wasting so much of the site's resources...
  • Changed Follow module structure which in turn fixed the Profile follow button.
  • While updating Follow module, I managed to fix the activity feed linking to invalid pages.
A faithful rabidb user messaged me about a few issues on the website and some of them included the Memory Card game.
I didn't expect this minigame to be actually used so I left it out of my todo list. But it looks like some people are indeed using it, so I'll be pimpin this bad boy up!

You know what's coming? More updates are coming icon

BETA Rabi Rabi Island Voting Contest Started (v1.80beta)

Category: Game Update

Beta has been updated to enable the voting contest icon

Vote for your favorite characters in the v1.80 beta.
This data will be used to expand Rabi-Ribi's physical merch.

Looking forward for your support!

Reminder: To Opt-in : Right click Rabi-Ribi (Steam) -> Properties -> Beta, then select "ver1.8beta" 

[Original link]

Beta 1.8 Release

Category: Game Update

Today was release version 1.8 Beta of Rabi-Ribi icon .
It includes everything new (except the DLC content itself).

It should be worth checking it out!
It also helps the team if you find any bugs and report them on the discussion board (screenshots and how-to reproduce help a lot).

To Opt-in : Right click Rabi-Ribi -> Properties -> Beta, then select "ver1.8beta"

Original post here

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