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2 years ago...

Category: Bulletin

... Since last post icon

Damn it's been a while!

What do I even write in here? There's no real news from rabidb aside from the fact that it's still running.

I do wonder if it's still used though.

Most people seem to enjoy the achievement checklist feature, but the rest feels too unpolished to be useful it seems.

Anyway, it'll still be around for a while even though I'm way too busy with running a business to actually go back to coding and make it better. I did enjoy the process and the exprience of building it over the course of a few months after the game release.

Thanks to everyone sticking around and don't be shy to hop on discord. We've got a dedicated bunny channel icon


Rabidb is back!

Category: Bulletin

Hello everyone,

News were shared mainly through our Discord server, but it turned out  our host was attacked by some hackers and webfiles were encrypted (resulting in having to take the website out). They managed to recover some files, but some things were out of order. I managed to find an old backup of the HTML data and proceeded with a client side rollback.

If you notice anything out of place, or any bugs, feel free to contact me through Discord, or here in the comment section.

Thanks to everyone for their support!

2019 Content information

Category: Bulletin

As some of you noticed, some achievements are weirdly synced with new achievements for the upcoming final version of the game. This mainly happen before Gema wanted to delete some achievements and add other ones. He somehow only renamed and changed some of these, so everything feels out of place.

Once the real version gets released (and achievements are fixed), I will be running a thorough update on all of the achievements and reset the syncing for everyone.

Everything is prone to changes until the final version, so I'll wait until everything settles down.

Thank you icon

2019 Content update part 2

Category: Bulletin

  • Added the 4 new achievements (3 related to icon[B] SP Miru)
  • Added the SP bosses location on the map (should be pretty obvious where they are...)
  • Updated achievement art for iconHappy New Year!
Something big is coming for the final part of the Before Next Adventure DLC.
Are you ready to ~nyan~ it up? icon

Content Update

Category: Bulletin

Howdy players!

Website data has been updated with the latest information for new DLC that just came out
Link here:´╗┐

  • Added 9 new achievements (Sorry 100% clearers, you're gonna have to work some more!)
  • Updated map data for iconSystem Interior (Long Jump Minigame)
  • Added SP bosses locations. icon[B] SP Irisu is the only one shown until the other fights get released.
I took the liberty to edit some of the images used to show bosses on the map, namely SP bosses and Illusion bosses (Forgotten Cave II trial) to differentiate them from their normal counterpart.

If someone is willing to share information on how to obtain all the new costumes and CGs, please do so on the Character ´╗┐page. We'll try to regroup everything in the same spot!

Enjoy the new content icon

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