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Category: Bulletin

Looks like we recently hit some pretty important milestone.

Rabidb now has over 200 registered users icon!

I was gonna wait until February 3rd to actually mention it, but I couldn't wait. (Those who can guess what is special about February 3rd, you get a cookie icon). As such, I guess we'll have to go into recruitment mode.

If anyone is interested: A moderator spot will be opened.

A moderator needs to logon the website (and stay logged [aka be in the 'Online Users' list]) once a day (being active).
A moderator needs to know the game well to be able to answer users' questions (in the form of comments mostly).
A moderator can approve new entries written by users (or delete them...).
A moderator can edit anyone's entries (to add details or add as many inbound links as possible iconCocoa).
A moderator can add/remove pictures/videos/gifs to anyone's entries.
A moderator has access to the Admin Lounge, a page created for website management.

Of course, granting so much power to someone I barely know is hard for me, so...
If you're interested in having such position, add me up on steam (see my profile for link) and we'll talk a bit.

Have a good one icon

Release 19.6

Category: Release

Release 19.6 is up and running!

Main features include:
  • The "What's new?" section updates live without refreshing.
  • Various fixes to the notification system (nothing fancy)
  • Complete revamp of the User Profile page ~ABOUT DAMN TIME! (You could say that after I kept postponing it for so long...)
    • Page layout completely renewed.
    • The main profile page now features an activity feed! (Limited to 30 lines for now)
    • You can filter out which kind of feed you want to see.
    • Included various link possibilities for outside social medias (your previous 'outside link' has been automatically converted to the correct type).
    • Uniform view no matter the user. You're no longer forced to look at your editing page when viewing your own profile! (Find the 'Edit Profile' button)
    • Edit profile page kept nearly the same way. Added more fields for added social medias and removed useless information.
I've spent some time trying to figure out how to create an intuitive GUI for Map Paths, but haven't come up with anything decent for now. I nearly went up and started redoing the map system completely (I stopped before I wasted too much time in it!). Don't worry, I'll try to figure something out.
Until then, make sure to report any problems you may have with anything that changed as soon as possible.
Don't want to leave them little bugs hanging too long.

Happy 11 days late New Year! icon

Updates and WIP ~ Release 19.6

Category: Bulletin

As the holiday season approaches, I'll tend to be even more distant from working on the website.
Before I get hit hard with those 110+ hours of work / week, I'll try to get some job done over here as quickly as possible.
  • Dynamic "What's new?" section (updates live)
  • Raw frame of a Message Board
  • Waypoint creator (for the maps)
  • A little more work done on the new-to-come User Page (still postponing...)
I'm always eager to see how things turn out when I release new stuff, and I surely can't wait to get some work done on the map waypoints.

Speaking of which... The Memory Card Game page has been officially opened.
Be sure to give it a try whenever you feel like it icon
Known issues
  • Lobby information too 'textual'
  • No way of going back to a disconnected / abandoned game
  • No score tracking (for now)

Added the following 4 new achievements
icon Happy Holidays! icon


Current known issues
  • Everything related to the User Tracker (online users, notifications, popup, etc...) stops working after the App Pool is recycled (IIS stuff...). Happens whenever the website becomes inactive (no active page loading) for a few minutes.
  • When writing an entry, you should get a weird result when attempting to Preview it.

Release 19.4 & 19.5 news

Category: Bulletin

Hello everyone,

This past month has been rough. There were times where the website would go down completely for no apparent reason. I tired different approaches to fixing this issue, but none really worked.

I had to take down the website down for a few days during which I roamed through the code and fixed small things here and there. This is where I released version 19.5 beta, because I was unsure of the final result.

So far, so good. Everything is pretty much stable now. User Activity and the notification system were moved to the websockets layer (decreases the load furthermore on the server).

I also took the liberty to add a popup notification to the current notification system. If we're to build this kind of system, might as well make it big!
Release 19.4 is still something on progress (I had to postpone 19.4 and release 19.5 beta right away to fix the crashes).

Release 19.4 basically is the Memory Card game I created on the website using the Websockets layer (for multiplayer play). So far, we're still missing: disconnection tracker and a way to resume a game, a better interface for the game lobbies and a way to track down the score.

Once this is all sorted out, I'll make an announcement regarding the official release of version 19.4 features.

Release 19.5 beta

Category: Release

Release 19.5 beta is live.

List of things that sometimes caused random minor errors which have been fixed
  • User Activity Tracker
  • Notification System (every notification reset)
  • Page Title (for some pages)
  • Page Loading Count (improved method)
Hopefully, this will be enough to fix the random crash issue.
Well invested 7 hours if it works out.

This version is still in beta, so if you encounter any issue, post them here, on my Twitter, my Steam Profile page or the guide page on Steam.

Sorry for the inconvenience those crashes (and the website takedown) brought on you.

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