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Rabi-Ribi 25% Off! Cocoa damage control in progress and Ver 1.51

Category: Game Update

Always looking for ways to make money, Cocoa kept experimenting with ways to make prices explode.
This time, something unexpected happened and the effect backfired.

Now Rabi-Ribi is 25% off during Steam Summer Picnic Sale!
Items also affected by the blast include the UPRPRC Edition, the Soundtrack and the Artbook.
They're all 25% off now too!
Grab it before Cocoa blows the prices back up!

In other news: Rumi will be making some extra food for the next few days.

v1.51 Mini Update :

  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Reduced Video RAM Usage
  • Updated localization files. (EN/JP/ES/DE/FR)
  • You can now punish Cocoa in Rabi Rabi Town for an achievement.
  • Added cutscene/dialogue control displays. (Only appears early in the game)

Ver 1.50 Bonjour! Hola! Hallo! Welcome Back and おかえり ! Irisu's Lovely Literary Language Update

Category: Game Update

Irisu's Lovely Literary Language Update

  • New Languages: French, Spanish and German
  • New replay mode: New Game+, for players who want to start over with an end game save at a higher difficulty with a bonus.
  • Edited English and Japanese dialogues (日本語翻訳アップデート)
  • Buffed purple magic's damage
    • Normal Shot: The more outward the shot is, the more damage it has.
    • Charged Shot: Base Damage increased, double charge shot now a ring of projectiles.
  • Three new achievements.
  • Achievements now in all game-supported languages.
  • Comic/4-Koma Volume 3B Added in "COMIC".
  • Bug Fixes

ARTBOOK/OST DLC : Added new BGM "Rabi-Ribi Piano Title" by Daniel Brown. Also available in "Artbook Mode" and "Sound Test Mode".

Also, if you missed the E3 annoucements, Rabi-Ribi is coming to PS Vita and PS4!

Release 15.4

Category: Release

Now that the translations for Rabi-Ribi are done, time to get back to the website!

Here's a quick list of changes to celebrate this

  • Fixed the Folks Bold font not correctly loading
  • Fixed the javascript error thrown on every page (invalid symbol)
  • Fixed the 'Post Entry' box appearing for non registered users
  • Fixed the Minimap highlighted Room initial color
  • ADDED: New achievements for the upcoming v1.50 of the game

I will now move on to adding an additional layer of security to account creation as we're starting to have a lot of bots creating accounts.
The mighty captcha shall prevail!

Also, as an extra layer of security, an email will now be required to register. Those who didn't have one before will be required to enter one before they're able to comment / post entries.

Just a little update on what's going on...

Category: Bulletin

Just a little update to keep you guys informed.

While I do work on this website on my spare time, I currently am the one working on one of the new languages that are coming up. And deadlines need to be met (duh).

Considering this little time restriction issue, I will begin working full time on the localization of the game. It'll last until it is officially released. And as such, the website updating will be put on hold for a little while. Since there is no official release date for the new version, I cannot really tell how long this is gonna take. But don't expect it to take too long.

On a slight update for the upcoming website content.

  • User Profile levels based on achievements done
  • Badges earned based on specific achievement groups done
  • Remaster of the User Profile page, so that it looks more 'inviting'
  • The remaster will include a way to see every past post/entry for a specific user
  • Started working on the Room connection code a bit. I already entered the data for the Starting Forest when everything's gonna be ready to go in test.
  • Clear instructions on how to add data to the website as a normal user. For those who want to contribute to the website

Release 15.3

Category: Release

List of Hotfixes

  • Fixed bad alignment in the user profile info on comment boxes
  • Item requirements for other items which are part of more than 1 possibility now show only once on the Item Page (Ex: Carrot Bomb)
  • Rooms which lead to another map now shows the correct Tooltip (information on where they lead)
  • Rooms which lead to another map now redirects you to the correct map after clicking it
  • Added the Option to disable public achievement showing (forgot to add it in previous version, oops)
  • Fixed a bunch of errors which were launched silently on the server side (caused possible slowdowns)
  • Any user can now create data entries with simple text. I will eventually add some code so you'll be able to do some formatting
  • Fixed menus/submenus linking to the wrong page
  • Made some small changes to the achievement grid so it is now easier to distinguish between those that are done and those that are not
  • Increased the delay time for User Achievement auto synchronization to 30 minutes. If you need to see the synchronized grid right away, you can always use the 'Achievement Synchro' feature on your profile page
  • Increased the delay time for the fetching of the global achievement data (completion rates) to 1 hour
  • Added some fixes to the achievement synchro logic
  • Added consumables (namely the Gold Carrot) to the 'Show this on the map' list. It will now appear as an orange circle on the map (when using symbols)

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