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Release 20.2.0

Category: Release


Version 20.2.0 is up and running!
  • Few security updates
  • Update Google's ReCaptcha (version 1 is not supported anymore)
  • Fixed User links having duplicate "http" patterns
  • Fixed not being able to attach pictures to posts
  • [User submitted] Added DLC characters to Sorter minigame
  • [User submitted] Added function to manually select your top 3 characters on your page
There is an issue right now with the achievement syncing.
Due to a recent Steam update (April 10th), a new privacy setting has been added to your profile which hides Game Details, such as games you own, statistics, achievements, etc... If you want to use Rabidb's achievement sync, you will need to set your Game Details privacy setting to "public".

Thank you everyone for your continued support!

Rabidb Art Contest

Category: Bulletin

Hello everyone! It's been a while (on here at least).

The very first rabidb art contest is now underway! It's a contest to determine the next featured mascot for the website (which you can see on the left side, in the menu). Miru still remains one of my favorite, but I think it's time to move on and make some space for "fresh" material. Time to make some space for Yuzu, the star of the game I'm working on!


Drawing must feature Yuzu and another Rabi-Ribi character of your choice. You are free to choose pose for both character.
  • 1080x1920 portrait format
  • no background (transparent)
  • only 1 entry per contestant
  • no lewds icon 
Contest ends May 5th

Winner will be selected by a jury composed of some friends of mine.
The author of the winning drawing will 75$ USD worth of commission by an artist of their choice.
Also, your art being featured on every page of the website icon
Ever wanted to commission an artist you liked, but didn't have the funds to do so, then there's your chance! icon

To make it fair to everyone who participate, 3 random contestants will be selected at random to receive participating gifts.
They will receive a key for Rabi-Ribi (base game + DLC).
If you already have the game, spread the bunny love by gifting it to a friend!

If you have any questions regarding the art contest, you can ask them in Direct Message on Twitter or Discord.

Make sure to join Rabidb's Discord if you haven't to follow the latest news on rabidb and the game I'm working on.
If you ever need help with the game, you can find it there if website wasn't enough. There's also a bunch of fellow Rabi-Ribi fans that you can chat with too!

Thank you everyone for your continued interest and support.
Thank you for your patronage: Alexander Altman, Mark Kelley, Blake1995, u2mk, Toshiro Nihonnoyume, Yuri Kunde Schlesner, The HarDe One, Vault, M76030, Kishoro, (((Anarcho-Capitalism))) icon

Update post #69

Category: Bulletin

Hello everyone,

As some may noticed, the amount of updates to rabidb has dropped considerably in the past few months. While it is safe to assume it was mainly because of my new job which is taking away 70 hours / week from me, there is also something else.

Rumors have been going around lately as that there's something in the work for Rabi-Ribi, and all I can say for now is that I'm kinda involved in it. A lot of my free time goes into that project, and will be so for the next couple of months.

No matter what happens, I will still continue to host the website for any future player, and update it whenever needed (if new game content is released, fixing some bug, etc). Everything's still in motion, but at a slower pace.

Here's the "official" post.

Giving a huge shout out to Patreons who help keep the website up at all time icon !

Discord server

Category: Bulletin

Rabidb now has a discord server, thanks to Casual (moderator). icon
I'm not entirely convinced on this idea, but I'm willing to give it a try.

Things you'll see there:
  • Quick updates by myself
  • Memory Card game players seeking challengers
  • Troubleshoot section for those who encounter bugs on the website (and oh god how many of those are there...)
  • A shitpost channel for all your memeage need.
  • A suggestion channel for you to leave... suggestions on how to improve the website (other than fixing obvious bugs...)
Here's the link for those interested.

Bug Reports Week 33 of 2017

Category: Bugs

Bug Overview

Minigame bugs

  • An exploit in Miru's Memory Cards that can be achieved by clicking Start! multiple times when creating a game. This results in creating multiple servers. Whenever you cancel the creation of one server, you will be placed by yourself in the server with a total of four identical profiles.
  • The same exploit duplicates the memory cards and profiles based on how many servers created.
  • Quickly pressing memory cards, you can choose three cards, resulting in the third card not flipping back when shown.
  • Quickly pressing memory cards, if three cards are flipped while two being a pair, the other card will flip and will not show itself anymore by pressing it.
  • It can also happen the card won't be interactable at all.
  • These bugs can also occour in Multiplayer, making one of the two players unable to click the card while the other still can.
  • Number of duplicated servers are also shown in the Miru's Memory Card notificator.
  • Upon leaving the server of your copy profiles, you will still gain a 'Lose' point.

Site bugs

  • Some links will still redirect the user to their own profile instead to the domain owner. These links contain #com[Numbers] at the end.

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